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Item: Cotton Trousers

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News and Updates

Database Maintenance

Feb 4, 2014, 8:34pm EST

Just a small update, I am currently making my way through items that are lacking hyphenation in the database e.g. Wind-up Qiqirn. A very kind benefactor granted me access to a list of all items that were hyphenated, which I … Read more »

XIV Market 1.0.1 – Tiny update is go

Jan 30, 2014, 8:54pm EST

I made the “No market data” button! Also the gil favicon and price icon! How I made the “No market data” thing work is it adds a mark on the item in the database that says, “This item had no … Read more »

Reddit Feedback

Jan 29, 2014, 12:37pm EST

Sweet, I posted something on Reddit and it wasn’t shot down. I did get a lot of feedback, which is great! I’m going to compile all the notes I took here as a sort of to-do list: Separate HQ item … Read more »


Jan 27, 2014, 10:17am EST

I think this website might actually be done…My roommate’s bash and Python-fu helped speed up the data entry tremendously, so the database is actually full and up-to-date with all recipes up to 2.15. The only things that are missing are … Read more »

Site Almost Complete

Jan 21, 2014, 6:10pm EST

Not much to say here, but the site is almost complete. I’ve got a list of items I need to import into the recipes and item databases, plus one or two more thanks to the 2.15 update. For a while … Read more »